Street lamp amber, wanderlust.
The entire history of human desire takes about seventy minutes to tell.
Unfortunately, we don’t have that kind of time.

Ryan McGinley, Golden Grassland, 2013


kiss u softly in the back of ur space ship sounds

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Laguna Verde | Bolivia by Eita Imamura

Eye movements made by subjects while examining I. E. Repin’s
painting “An Unexpected Visitor”, with different questions in mind

Cy Twombly

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‘Lake George Barns' by Georgia O'Keeffe

Henrietta Hellberg by Ahmet Unver for L’officiel Turkey October 2013


Stanley Kubrick  -  One-Point Perspective

compositions in which spatial planes converge at one vanishing point in the distance creating a sense that we are trapped within the scene rather than merely watching it. x

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to avoid paying a construction fee, jack mubiru, a father of the skateboarding scene in uganda, fabricated a story about building a private enclosure for a pet crocodile. most local officials and neighborhood residents had never heard of skateboarding. yet six years later, the sport has spread from the skate park to the streets, attracting children as young as five and adult women.  

photographer yann gross always takes his deck with him on his journeys. during one trip to eastern africa, yann encountered a group of skaters in kitintale, a suburb of kampala, who had built the first and only half pipe in uganda. he ended up spending several months with the skaters, becoming a full member of the group, documenting a unique skate culture that, given the area’s contingencies, has styles and tricks all its own. 

text adapted from joel vacheron and julie bosman   

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